Yellow Bugeye

This customer found us from Martin, the owner of Jule Enterprises. They are the ones that make the better, stronger frames for big Healeys. He came to the shop and liked what he saw. We have gone through training by Martin to put his frames under Healeys. He asked me about putting a Datsun 5 speed in a Bugeye. I told him we’ve done it before and that my personal Bugeye has one in it. He found the parts and brought down the car. Once we had the engine out and were ready to put the 5 speed in, we got a call from the owner. He asked how the engine compartment looked and we discussed the possibility of repainting it. He then planned a trip down to take another look at his Bugeye and decided to go ahead and have us repaint the whole car since it was looking a little tired. This is one of the most rust free british cars we’ve had in the shop. It’s  pleasure to work on.