What Do We Do?

DEB Vintage Motorworks is all about helping you to get your project where you want it to be in an easy, enjoyable manner. We do anything from small jobs, to full restorations, and anything in between. The key is that you are in control of your baby the whole time. We may advise you of what our opinion is, but you always get the last say. If you want a perfect show car, that’s rarely going to see the road, that’s what you get. If you want something to reliably drive to cruise ins, just a reliable driver, or even just to get it running again, you found it. We are a one stop shop. We do all the mechanical work, stripping, body work, we have our own painters. About the only job sent out is machine work. We also don’t do strictly american muscle. We have even more experience in foreign cars. Especially vintage British, German, and Japanese.