Sample Contract

DEB Vintage Motorworks

Contract for work and breakdown of expenses

Thank you for choosing DEB Vintage Motorworks for your project. It is my goal to make this an enjoyable experience for you and me. I will do what is possible to get your project to the point you want it to be.

In order to provide guidance for the process of restoring automobiles for our customers, the following policies have been developed to minimize ambiguities.

  1. Because of the comprehensive nature of the work performed on vintage automobiles “bids” of the total cost cannot be accurately given. To estimate work on an older car you have to balance in the worst case scenario so we, as a shop, don’t lose money. In doing so you, as a customer, are really gambling on it being harder than we think and we are gambling on it being easier. Instead, you will be charged hourly based on the actual time work is being performed on your project. If problems come up, you will have options of which route to take.
  2. A $1,000 -$3,000 deposit may be required at the start of work on your project based on the scale of work to be done. This will be applied to the hourly work ($55 per hour) on your vehicle and parts and materials for your vehicle.
  3. Invoices will be sent to you twice a month at the beginning and in the middle of the month. They will show all hours worked, parts order, materials used, and total expense for the period. At this point it is expected that you pay anything owed to continue work on you project. If there is a stop put on work on your project there will be a $100 per month storage charge incurred. Throughout the process many photos will be taken of the journey your project will be undergoing. These photos can be emailed to you or you can wait and get them burned on disc or put on your own thumb drive at the completion of your project.
  4. You are charged $55 per hour for time spent physically working on your project. Time on the phone, driving to deliver or get parts, time spent doing occasional research is not included in this. To cover those expenses a 12% markup will be charged for parts ordered and 17% markup on sublet work. $10 per load will be charged for parts washing to cover those expenses.
  5. Insurance on vehicles while in possession of DEB Vintage Motorworks is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  6. The customer may at any time remove the vehicle upon payment of all outstanding invoices. Vehicles are not released until account balances are paid in full.

_________________________________________project owner __________________________Jeff Porada (DEB Owner)

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