This car has been a big project. The owner was actually occasionally driving it. They decided they wanted to restore it to a very nice show car and “save” it. Generally “saving” a car means it’s pretty far gone, and this was true for this one. From the early pics, you can see some rust issues. Once we dug deeper, it was clear this was not far from being completely gone. It wasn’t really safe to drive as it was. The structural parts of the car were pretty much all gone. We are confident that if this was a roadster, it would have folded in half by now. Once we got into it, it was clear the only option was to have it chemically dipped which removes everything except clean pure steel. This gave us a foundation to start rebuilding the body. It’s been a long project, but is finally done and ready to live again. The paint is actually a one year only color which was the original color for this car.