1970 Beetle

This is another project fueled by love and memories. The current owner of this car’s mother was the original owner. The owner remembers his mother purchasing it new when he was old enough to start attending school and the family needed a second car to allow his mother to drive him to school. Although this bug was driven to the shop, it’s a major project needing tons of metal replaced and poor previous bandaids correctly repaired. It’s always an honor to get to do these passion projects.


After getting into the car a bit more, we keep finding bad repairs. There are parts of the car where a shop had “fixed” rust by filling it with spray foam and putting bondo over that. We also found that some of the mounting points for the fenders no longer had the capture nuts and instead were threaded straight into bondo. After seeing all of this we contacted the owner and collectively decided that to do the car correctly it would have to be dipped. The shell is currently at the dippers and we are working to finish he chassis while it’s there. Most of the chassis had to be replaced including the head of the center tube. It’s been a tough journey, but the car will be better than new when it’s finished.